Eyelash is one of the charming point that every woman wants to improve in her appearance. What's the best way to enhance your eye beauty naturally?

Some women have resorted to wearing false eyelashes or putting mascara. However, with chemical substance causing unknown risk, these chemical products shouldn't be the answer. You can take a try of some natural remedies. Such as some natural oil or lash serum.

Genetics play an important role on whether you will have long, thick and dark lashes or short and thin lashes. If your parents have thin lashes it follows that eyelash growth in the family is slow, too. In answer to these demands, the cosmetics industry has introduced eyelash growth products, which proved to be saleable. Some products like careprostfulfill their promise of encouraging the growth of eyelashes; however, some products were also known to have side effects.


  • Jul 13, 2017
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