Some women are lucky enough born with long,full and dark lashes. However, if you are the one like me, you have to rely onthe artificial methods to give lash a boost. There are many products and toolsin the market that claim to give us flirty lashes.

Mascara: The quickest and easiest way toincrease the volume of your eyelashes. Apply your favorite mascara by wigglingthe wand at the base of the lash and drawing it along the entire length of thelash.

Lash Extensions: There lashes are madeof  Synthetic single-fiber polyestera.Just use medical-grade adhesive to fix these eyelashes and you will get theamazing result. One thing should be noticed, choose the famous brand product toensure the product safety.

Lash Serum: The last and most importantproduct is lash serum. Which is the only product to regrow naturally longerthicker eyelashes. You can take a try of latisse, the first and only FDAapproved serum to increase lash size, just need 4-8 weeks, you will see theamazing result. 100% safe.

latisse result

  • Aug 02, 2017
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