What is Latisse? In a short, it is an DA approved lash serum to increase lash size. The doctor and patients of Allergan, Inc found that when using a version of glaucoma drug (lumigan), glaucoma patients' lashes grow longer and thicker. That's how latisse was found.

Being the first and only FDA approved lash serum, the price of latisse is not cheap. Which is as high as 120 per bottle. Some people want to enhance lash length but stop at the expressive cost.

Don't worry, there also have generic version of latisse in the market. Careprost is a cheaper alternative with the same active ingredient include. And what's more, the price of careprost is only a quarter of latisse. You can easily get it from their official store without a prescription.

 cheap version of latisse

  • Aug 10, 2017
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