Myung Kim
This stuff is AMAZING!! I've been using this for 3 months now and I can't express in words how happy I am with my results. People ask me all the time if my lashes are fake and are shocked when I say no. I highly recommend this product!!!
Mikaella Moura
I have been using this product for three months now, and I can officially say it works and works well! My mom bought other eyelashes serum about the same time and I think Careprost works just as well!
Paulina Garcia
It does work. I've used it for a couple of months, and my lashes look much better and longer. One thing to remember though, the lashes grow in different lengths at first Just keep using it, and the others will catch up. I bought this from this website with the lower price compared with other stores.
Priscila Cipriano
I have been using this for exactly 3 weeks and now see the results! I had serious doubts about it working but my friend said she had to stop using it because her lashes got too long. This stuff definitely works and I'm a believer! Worth the money and I will buy it again..
Deborah Santos
I'm 47 years old, and until I started using this, had short, stubby blond lashes. Now they are amazingly long and thick. They are darker than they used to be. The first few months I used this every night--now just 3 times a week. I've reordered this many times. It's worth the cost.
leslie Francis
I honestly never post reviews, but this careprost eyelash serum is beyond amazing! It can a little while to see improvement, but if you're patient and consistently put it on your eyes at least once a day you will see improvement!
Kristy Stewart
Has really worked! I've been using this most nights for about 6 weeks. I havn't had any irritation and it doesn't burn or cause discoloration. I started seeing results after about 3 weeks, I get compliments all the time! I will restock!!
Christine Johnston
This stuff is amazing! My lashes were very short and ugly and now they are long and wonderful! I stopped applying it for a little while because my lashes were growing so long....I will start again if I see any changes in the length. This is well worth the money!!
Harwinder kaur
this product really works, all my friends noticed after about 6 weeks .My eyelashes are longer so now I only use it twice a week, you wont be disappointed.
Tina M Hickman
I have used this product now for about 4 months with no side effects , no skin discolor no change of eye color I love this product Everyone thinks I am wearing fake eyelashes It s a great product!
Elizabeth King
I've only been using it for 3 weeks and I can see results! I can't wait to see them after several more weeks! I definitely recommend this serum and will continue to buy it! 
Niclas Mann
This product is great! It works just as it says it does! My lashes are longer and seem fuller than ever. I tried it after noticing mine were thinning and seemed short. My hair stylist (whom I thought had false eyelashes) uses this and turned me on to it. Now I have 4 friends using it!