The Common Side Effects Of Applying Eyelash Serum

Applying eyelash serum is the best way to treat your imperfect lashes. They can produce the fast result to help grow your eyelashes into longer, fuller and darker. People using lash serum could experience some side effects. The common side effects of applying eyelash serum are:

●Eye burning feeling
●Sensitivity to light
●Pigmentation in iris
●Vision disturbances
●Darkened eyelashes
●Dry eyes
●Irritation in the eyes
●Visual changes
●Conjunctival edema
●Coloring or pigment of the area around the eye
●Eye sensation

Careprost serum is different from other lash serum, It can expand the growth phase effectively and work well. There are no any side effects. The manufacturer has developed the special ingredients careprost eyelash growth serum to boost growth, at the same time prevent the unwanted side effects. Careprost is the exceptionally prevalent and surely good result lash serum.

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